Cornea is the first, clear layer of the eye.  It bends light so the image is focused on the retina.  The cornea is prone to diseases such as infection, ectasia and hereditary disorders (dystrophies).  

Dr Hong is a subspecialist in cornea and corneal transplantation.  He completed a year of cornea fellowship at the Sydney & Sydney Eye Hospital in Australia.  Working with world-renowned Professors: Stephanie Watson & Constantinos Petsoglou, Dr Hong had treated thousands of patients with corneal disorders.  

At oDocs Eye Care, Dr Hong offers a wide range of corneal treatment, and that includes corneal transplants such as penetrating keratoplasty (PKP), endothelial keratoplasties (DSAEK, DMEK), and lamellar keratoplasties (DALK, patch graft).

Keratoconus is also a common degenerative corneal disorder.  Its prevalence is much higher in New Zealand.  Cross-linking is a procedure designed to slow and potentially halt the process of degeneration.